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  • Buffalo coin pendant with handcrafted charms and rustic beads.
  • authentic buffalo coin, silver cross and star charms, New West Buffalo necklace
  • Charms on sterling silver chain in our new west style buffalo necklace
  • Buffalo coin, toped with turquoise, jasper and blue crystal.

The New West Buffalo Necklace

$198.00 USD

Multi Colored

The new west style is non traditional western styling. Elements are old and new mixed for a new style! Buffalo coin is authentic, hand cut revealing the buffalo, drop beads of Cinnamon Jasper, faceted blue crystal, apatite. Charms of hand crafted silver cross and star, faceted moss chrysocolla, fire polished glass, Poppy Jasper and vintage trade glass adorn the top. Exclusive. By Brenda Larson, In Your Dreams Jewelry.

20" long. Charm pendant drop is 4" 

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