Herkimer Diamond Necklace

Dakota Nature & Art

$158.95 USD

9 Gorgeous Natural Herkimer Diamond Stones with Black Carbon inclusions naturally inside. 

Sweet small stones between each Herkimer Diamond. Sterling Silver chain with adjustable length option. 

Length: 18"-20"

Herkimer Diamonds are naturally occurring double terminated quartz crystals.

Herkimer Diamonds, a form of quartz crystal, are named after the location where they were first discovered in Herkimer County, New York, USA. Herkimer Diamonds can be clear or included. Inclusions are often black carbon deposits. Herkimer Diamonds differ from most quartz crystals in that they are double-terminated and not single terminated as most quartz. Herkimer Diamonds form slowly and are not anchored to a base formation; they float freely in solutions of dolomite cavities. Because the Herkimer Diamonds are free floating and not connected to a base, they are able to form double pointed terminals at both ends.

Double terminated crystals are known for their extreme clarity and are very effective tools for healing and meditation.  

(earring not included, but are available)