Sunray Quartz Crystal

Dakota Nature & Art

$142.00 USD

Sunray Quartz Crystal is one of the most unusual quartz crystals we have come across.  The yellow inclusions could be from petroleum or an iron oxide, But one thing is for sure it is bright yellow. Sunray Quartz Crystal just fit so well.  The quartz is very lovely, many sparkles and a nice water clear crystal over all.  Sunray Quartz Crystal is a rare beauty. 

4 ¼" h 3 ½" w 

This is a natural crystal, nothing has been added to achieve the unique yellow color inclusion.

Quartz has been called the "ice of the gods" by ancients, and has been recognized as having extraordinary physical and metaphysical properties. Ancients believed these stones to be alive, taking a breath once every hundred years or so.