Smoky Quartz Crystal Point

Dakota Nature & Art

$220.00 USD

Untreated natural Smoky Quartz Crystal Point. If you want a superb quality smoky quartz this is your piece! This Smoky is so clear and nearly perfect, it’s a rare find.

Smoky Quartz Crystal Point 4” H x 1 ½” W

Smoky quartz is a grey, translucent variety of quartz. It ranges in clarity from almost complete transparency to a brownish-gray crystal that is almost opaque.It comes in every shade of brown, from a light tan to nearly black. 

Sunglasses with flat, thin panes of smoky quartz, were used in China in the 12th century., worn by Chinese judges to hide their facial expressions during court proceedings! In Scotland, smoky quartz from the Cairngorm mountain range in the Scottish Highlands was used in jewelry and the stones accordingly were called Cairngorms. 

Smoky Quartz is  for the zodiac signs of Scorpio and Capricorn. It is said to be a powerful grounding gemstone.