Sea and Sky Blue Apatite Sphere 2"

Dakota Nature and Art

$26.95 USD

Sea and Sky Blue Apatite sphere shows off deepest blues. This is a nice palm sized sphere and comes with a display stand. Our Blue Apatite sphere also has areas that flash brillant blues. Connoisseurs often seek out rare colors like paraiba-like blue-green to add to their collections. Our sphere is approximately 2¼" across, sitting comfortably in your palm.

Moon rocks brought back to earth by Apollo astronauts in the late 1960s and early 1970s were found to contain traces of apatite. There are three minerals that contribute to apatite, calcium phosphate combined with fluorine, chlorine or hydroxyl. These three minerals are usually found in every specimen but some specimens have been known to have 100% of one or the other.