Rutile on Hematite Specimen

Dakota Nature & Art

$43.95 USD

Nicely stacked Hematite on one side and a flat surface adjoining, this is a very nice Rutile on Hematite Specimen.  Very Pretty and nicely mounted in a small thumbnail box for display.

1" x 1" Rutile on Hematite Specimen

Rutile has a metallic-adamantine luster, and can be reddish brown, gold, yellowish, silver, black, bluish, or violet. Small rutile needles present in gems are responsible for "star" sapphires, "star" rubies and other "star" gems, an optical phenomenon known as asterism.

Rutilated quartz has been referred to as Cupid's darts, Venus hair stone and Fleches d'amour (love arrows).Rutile is said to intensify the metaphysical properties of its host crystal and to enhance one's understanding of difficult situations.