Round Moonstone Ring

Dakota Nature & Art

$249.95 USD

The color of this moonstone is very vibrant (pictures don't do it justice) It has beautiful golds, yellows and blues

This ring is a 'larger ring' and what we mean by that is that sits higher up  and longer on the finger. Even if you were to wear it everyday it will be  a very durable, strong stone and the sterling silver is crafted to perfection, so this ring will have many many years to its glorious life. 

If you want a ring that will really stand out this is the ring for you!


Size: 7.5 it fits nice and snug at the top (because at the top it is a wider band than at the bottom)

This is not your average ring. It is a bit bigger and heavier. But it is daring and bold. 


When light falls the thin, flat layers in Moonstone, it scatters in many directions, producing adularescence. Adularescence is the light that appears to billow across a gemstone, giving its surface a glowing appearance.  Perhaps the most captivating aspect of adularescence is its appearance of motion. The misty light seems to roll across the gem’s surface as you change the viewing angle.  It was a favorite of Victorian ear jewelers, and still today has a very loyal following. Few gems are associated with so much romantic folklore.  Ancient Romans associated moonstone with the moon and believed that the gemstone was formed from drops of moonlight.