Picasso Horse Carving

Dakota Nature & Art

$68.95 USD

Picasso Horse Carving has beautifully natural striped of charcoal running through a golden to deep tan color. Our Picasso Horse Carving has a 'gift' attached of southwest Turquoise. USA Made. Native American Carver Mahooty. 

2 ½" L x 2" H

Picasso Marble is found in Utah, U.S. Identifiable by its striking and dramatic combination of browns, blacks, grays and white colors.

Some Native American storys said the horse looked like the elk, and others had seen it in distant Indian camps being used to pull the travois like the dogs that were used by the Blackfeet. So, according to the story, they called them 'Ponokah-Eemetah' in their language, which translates to Elk-Dog in English.