Green Lights Labradorite Pebble

Dakota Nature & Art

$17.95 USD

Labradorite Pebble,with greens, golds and flashes of teal. It's perfect for holding and keeping around whenever you want a sparkle in life. Or set on a table, desk or shelf and turn it to see its beautiful light display.

Perfect Gift

Labradorite is a play on color. Its a Feldspar mineral - meaning it has 1,000's of layers that make  up the stone. Each layer has its own coloration and at different angles and heights it shines differently. Sometimes labradorite shows its prettiest on a tall shelf or somewhere on a coffee table. Thats the beauty with labradorite. No two pieces are the same and they show their brilliance of coloration at their own unique angle. So play around with the height variations and angles,  your labradorite will show its beauty.

Size Approximately: 2" x 2" x 1/2"