Fairy Glow Kunzite Earrings

In Your Dreams Jewelry

$81.95 USD

Fairy Glow is an apt name for this enchanting gemstone and you may find yourself feeling especially beautiful and free while wearing these glowing earrings. Natural Soft Pink Kunzite Earrings

Our Kunzite earrings are the light pink to violetish purple variety of the mineral spodumene. Collectors love kunzite for its color from soft pastel pink to dramatic violet hues. For February babies Kunzite can be an alternate birthstone. It is quite wearable with a Mohs Hardness of 6.5 to 7.0.  Kunzite is said to be a spiritual crystal, releasing us from past trauma and opening our heart for new types of love.
Get the Necklace Here: Fairy Glow Necklace

Sterling Silver. Length: 2"