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      The Collector's Cabinet features Unique treasures, most are one-of-a-kind! All unusual, beautiful and worthy of your own collector's cabinet.

      Shop for small artworks, gem bowls and dishes and unique stone carvings and authentic fetish carvings.

      Our gem bowls and dishes are handcrafted from gemstones, agates and all are hand selected by us, each one worthy of a spot in your home or as cherished gifts.

      Fetish Animals are hand carved animals by USA Native American artists and carry with them the attributes of the animals they portray.

      Little carvings such as our well loved turtles and buffalo carvings are fashioned by hand from authentic gemstones, shells, minerals and are great quality. No two are alike and each one has their own personality!  

      As we have small artworks available this is where you can find those petite treasures.  And of course, as always, if you don't see it please inquire. We are here to help you find just what you want.

      Our stones, gems, carvings are all guaranteed authentic and of the best quality.  We are glad you have join us at The Collector's Cabinet.

      256 products

      256 products