Tourmaline Gemstones

Tourmaline is a semi-precious gemstone with one of the widest ranges of colors of any gemstone. We are always in awe of each tourmaline piece of jewelry just for this reason.  Few gems can match tourmaline’s dazzling range of colors, from rich reds, pastel pinks and peach colors, intense emerald greens to vivid yellows and deep blues. Among the many varieties of elbaite tourmaline are verdelite (green), indicolite (blue) and rubellite (red). It’s very wearable with a hardness of 7 to 7.5 on the Mohs scale.

Another very cool fact - Tourmaline becomes electrically charged when heated. Also when squeezed: it’s piezoelectric too (The word piezoelectricity means electricity resulting from pressure and heat). Amazing, right?! 

Tourmaline is a birthstone for October, as an alternate with opal, and it is the gem for the eighth anniversary.

Magical powers have been attributed to it since ancient times - it is the gemstone of love and of friendship, and is said to render them firm and long-lasting.

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