Amber history and legend

Amber is nature’s time capsule. This fossilized tree resin can contain remnants of life on earth millions of years ago. Amber has been a talisman of beauty, protection and renewal, and has been portrayed as drops of the sun, tears of the gods, hardened honey, and sunlight solidified since Neolithic times.  Stone Age graves have been found to contain amber beads, pendants and amulets, clearly showing prehistoric peoples held amber in high regard.

Long used for carvings it is known that Vikings fashioned amber into animal shapes and considered them to hold the abilities and strength of that animal. Ancient Greek and Romans wore amber and the women used amber as a fertility talisman. Ancient Chinese believed the souls of tigers turned into amber at death.

The two main sources of amber are the Baltic states and the Dominican Republic. Amber from the Baltic is older, amber from the Dominican Republic is more likely to have insect inclusions, which are prized by collectors. Amber is formed from the sticky sap of ancient conifer trees and only becomes true amber after many millennia.

Amber is thought to help manifest desires and heighten intellectual abilities, clarity of thought, and wisdom, and is associated with the astrological sign of Taurus.

Dakota Nature is careful to always hand select all of our amber, and only choose this ancient fossil resin from a few select sellers who are of the highest reputation. Authentic, beautiful and actual amber.

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