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  • aspens raku potter vase
  • raku pottery base in white and black with aspen shadow trees
  • mat black top on white aspens raku vase
  • black shadow trees carved out in relief against white raku pottery vase

White Aspens Vase Raku' Pottery

$450.00 USD


Layers of glazing, carving and then glazing again and many skilled hours are required to create this detailed beautiful Raku' Aspen Vase. A homage to the beauty of nature and wild aspen groves. One of a Kind.

Raku is a firing process developed in Japan; the glazed pottery is placed into the kiln and fired to 1860 degrees. While still hot, the pottery is then transferred to a sand bed with combustible paper, wood chips or anything with a will burn quickly. The hot pottery sets the material on fire, then, a metal container is placed over the pottery, smothering the flames. This creates smoke which mixes with the glaze to create “flashes” of color. The metal container remains over the raku pottery until the container is cool to the touch, this process of firing and cooling takes about two hours. Our White Aspens Vase is  Hand thrown, S.Dakota Artist Made. Height: 14.5" Width: 2.5"  One of a Kind.

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