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  • carved leaf and tan jasper drop bead
  • where the antelope run necklace with tiger eye beads and cream jasper
  • mixed brown gemstones and pretty agates
  • beads in the necklace are tiger's eye, brown jasper, blue lapis and more
  • detail of the mixed beads in where the antelope run neckalce
  • drop bead and carved leaf in creamy brown shades

Where the Antelope Run Necklace

$239.95 USD

Multi Colored

From the glinting tigers eye to the triangle shaped red poppy jasper all leading to a gorgeous drop of creamy Jasper with dendrite inclusions, this handcrafted necklace is unique and beautiful. 

I create these organic jewelry works of art for the love of unusual beauty. Nothing has to 'line up exactly' and yet the flow of colors and textures is all important.

Where the Antelope Run Necklace - is full of so many treasures it is sure to become your favorite. Dendrite Jasper drop and leaf are at the heart of this necklace, along with tigers eye, turquoise, lapis, carnelian, jasper and silver.

Enjoy this hand crafted one of a kind necklace by Brenda Larson.

Measures 18"-20" Necklace with a 3" long charm

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