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  • broze jack rabbit at dakotanature
  • tall ears and lanky legs are a jey to the jack rabbit

Vigilance Jack Rabbit, Authentic Bronze

$2,200.00 USD


Do you recall seeing Jackrabbits zigzagging crazily across the open prairie grasses or even down a road in front of a vehicle! Did you also know that Jackrabbits are hares, not rabbits. Hares are much larger than rabbits, and they have longer hind legs and longer ears (oh those ears!), they don't nest and their babies are born ready to go. Jackrabbits were named for their ears, which caused some people to refer to them as "jackass rabbits." Mark Twain brought this name to fame when he wrote it in his book of western adventures, Roughing It

Jim Paulson has brought this bronze Jackrabbit to life, and with textures that suggest a lighting fast animal we see his hardiness and speed. Drawing inspirtation from the animals that surround him, James seeks to create sculptures that blend the natural beatuy of his subjects with the stylized aestherics of cast bronze.

19 H x 8.5 W x 5 D

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