Sunburst Opal Pendant with Topaz and Rhodolite Garnets

Elisha Greenawalt

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Sunburst Opal Pendant - with Rhodolite Garnets & White Topaz

Fire, lightning and sparkle give this pendant a one-of-a-kind coloration.

Raspberry reds with shiny yellows, sky blues and electric greens bring this opal to life. It will dance around in the light. You will not want to take it off! Beautiful white topaz stones and gorgeous purply pink Rhodolite Garnets are just the perfect pairing for this opal. Exclusive for us by Elisha. Set in Sterling Silver

Ethiopian Opal: 8 x 10 mm, (8) Rhodolite Garnets: 2mm & (8) White Topaz: 2mm

Opals have different colors and vibrancy in different lights. Sunlight, incandescent and led lights change its viewable colors!