Sunburst Opal Pendant with Smokey Quartz and Tsavorite Garnets

Elisha Greenawalt

$475.00 USD

Sunburst Opal Pendant - with Tsavorite Garnets & Smokey Quartz

Bright, unique and captivating Opal pendant with the rarest natural green garnets~called Tsavorite Garnets. This already amazing pairing has beautiful natural Smokey Quartz  surrounding every other Tsavorite Garnet.

Beautiful bright shimmery colors from the opal dance around in the light. The Fierce greens, the sparkly yellow and deep reds make this opal shine. Green Tsavorite Garnets and Smokey Quartz pull out the color from the opal and you can't help but fall in love. Exclusive for us by Elisha. Set in Sterling Silver

Ethiopian Opal: 8 x 10 mm, (8) Green Tsavorite Garnets: 2mm and (8) Smokey Quartz: 2mm

Opals have different colors and vibrancy in different lights. Sunlight, incandescent and led lights change its viewable colors! 

 Ethiopian Opals are stronger and more durable than most opals.