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  • Green moldavite in star tips surrounding a 5 sided meteorite slice
  • five sided meteorite with green moldovite encased in sterling silver
  • Green moldavite in star earch of 5 tips surrounding a 5 sided iron meteorite slice

Star Of the Heavens Meteorite Pendant

$335.00 USD


Star shaped Sterling with 5 moldavite rounds and a beautiful faceted quartz tops this 5 sided meteorite slice.

Authentic meteorite sliced and polished, surrounded by 5 green moldavite cabichons. Moldavite is an impact glass created by a meteorite strike located only in Moldavia. 

This is a metal meteorite is from the class of octahedral siderites. Recognized by the fine nature of its crystals and the geometric shape of its strips, a characteristic specific to ferrous meteorites. Sterling Silver Chain included. Warrantied authentic meteorite and moldavite.

Pendant 1" - meteorite slice is approx. 1/2". 

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