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  • Green Aura Earrings
  • Green Aura Earrings
  • Green Aura Earrings

Green Aura Earrings

$235.95 USD


Natural Ethiopian Opal Cabochon Earrings

Natural Ethiopian opal. Set in sterling silver.

~Custom made by us ~ 

This opal has a rainbow of colors all over.

Size: 1/2"

It seems as though ethiopian opals glow from the center. They have a light and sparkle that is so unique from other opals, which is due to the diffraction of light. Their colors range from white, blue, orange, grey, brown or a slight mix of either. Not to mention some have a honeycomb pattern. Each is so unique and wonderfully beautiful.

Ethiopian opal does change color in certain lights and when they are wet. 

(Ethiopian opal doesn't get harmed easily by lukewarm water, they absorb small amounts and it naturally comes out slowly - (let them dry out naturally)).


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