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Polychrome Jasper Flame Shape

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Polychrome Jasper from Madagascar. The name means multicolored jasper, and this very unusual polychrome flame is remarkable in its striking colors and patterns. One of the best ones we have ever seen.

Polychrome Jasper is generally red, brown or yellow colores created by oxides of iron. Brecciated is defined as material ,Polychrome Jasper here, that was broken during its formation and growth. During the healing process, whole quartz formed in the previously broken veins, leaving a rusty red to orange stone with white patches and web like patterns.

Jasper is an opaque form of Chalcedony and has been a stone for kings and shamans. Said to aid in Creativity and Balance in life.

8" H x 2 ½" D x 5 ¼ W

This information does not intend to serve as medical advice, cure any diseases, and should not be relied upon in your health-related decision making. This information is available to assist in expanding your understanding of prevailing beliefs in the metaphysical fields.

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