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  • Malevolent iron black and white train
  • arms of malevolent iron driving the train

Malevolent Iron fantastical Train lithograph

$130.00 USD


Many hours of work has gone into this train compositon, literally weeks of detail drawings & sketches are needed before final pencil drawing is even started. 

The story of Malevolent Iron:

Riccardo Capraro created this work at the age of 21 while employed at an art agency in Michigan, work always slowed down after Christmas. Artists would do sample work for sales people to show clients. That is how this drawing came to be. I loved the look of Albrecht Durers Engravings. I decided to do an imaginative piece that would look similar to his works , combine this with my fascination for old steam engines, and the biomechanical creations of H.R. Giger and the idea for my train was born.

Using the finest mechanical pen available, and a leftover half sheet of illustration board, I began. With no reference material or preliminary sketches, I first drew out the train in pencil and then inked over the drawing. After all these years, Malevolent Iron is still the most popular piece of art in my collection of work.

Riccardo Capraro


shrink wrapped to backing, ready to frame

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