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  • Deep indigo blues and charcoal stand out against the white underbelly of the magpie perched in the pine tree

Made for the Mountains, Magpie Original Oil Painting

$165.00 USD


Kevin Haller has captured the Magie raucous behavior so elegantly in this piece that Bird lover's will, of course, want this for their own collection.

Legends are told of Magpies frequently following hunting parties of the Plains Indians, enjoying the leftovers from bison kills. Lewis and Clark reported magpies boldly raiding their tents to steal food that was stored inside. Magpie are entertaining and smart birds, often sitting on old wood fenceposts or the pine boughs, flying across open meadows, white wing patches flashing and long tail feathers trailing behind them.

 From our mini's series, Image is 6" x 6". Beautifully Framed in Coco Burlwood.

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