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  • Lamp, Turned Wood

Lamp, Turned Wood

$600.00 USD


All wood, including the shade - turned by hand - is almost 1/32" in thickness! When lit, the pine glows a warm woodsy tone. Base is also turned wood, with inlay of actual turquoise.

Jerry's award winning turned wood pieces are top quality.  He is known for his smooth exterior finishes, almost satin like, and a nicely turned interior as well. Nothing heavy or clunky here. 

Jerry's turned wood creations have been seen in American Craft magazine, Western Heritage Center, Art of the Hills Magazine, as well as many galleries and private collections in the US and Canada. His craft continues to evolve as he explores new techniques. No matter what direction his work takes him he always strives to bring a love of form to his work. Jerry says "I hope to translate my thoughts into a form that is both pleasing to the eye and hand, while challenging my skill and artistic expression with each new creation."

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