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  • turquoise, black onyx and spiny oyster inlay pendant
  • Sterling Silver night desert scene showing wolf, coyote, raven and more. Custom pendant.

Wild Night Double Sided Inlay Pendant

$369.95 USD


Surprises abound when you wear this artist created pendant. Each individual section of of gemstone is cut and placed to represent the traditional stair step pattern.

Featuring spiny oyster shell, three shades of turquoise and black onyx pieces topped with a custom bail with more turquoise. The surprise is yet to come...turn this piece over and another world is revealed, the night scene of the howling wolf, yipping coyote and raven singing to the full moon.  Sing with joy to the night.

Exclusive. One of a kind Collector Jewelry piece.   Back scene is in sterling silver. 

Sterling Chain included.
Size: 1 3/4" x 1 1/2"

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