• charlie russel by andy thomas at Dakota Nature and Art

Charlie Russell and His Characters Print on canvas

$118.00 USD


A historic and fanciful print with just a touch of humor! Andy Thomas created the original piece specifically for the 2008 C.M. Russell Museum Show and Auction. The painting sold for a record $180,000 at auction
THE TIME is the mid 1890s before Russell married Nancy. At this time, he often sold or traded his paintings to the saloons. When married, Nancy put the artist on a new marketing path.
THE PLACE is the Mint Saloon, which was located in Great Falls MT.
THE COWBOYS faces and clothing were taken from many Russell paintings.
THE WOMAN came from the watercolor, "Just a Little Pleasure"
THE INDIAN shows up in several Russell paintings including "Joe Kipp's Trading Post.
THE CHARACTER ON THE FAR RIGHT was the shooter in his painting "The Tenderfoot".
The bartender did not appear in any Russell paintings, but rather makes his first appearance in this Thomas painting.


Size: 10 x 13.5

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