• aspen forest scene and long fringe in whites is handcrafted
  • white seed beaded necklace by Alexanna at Dakota Nature and Art
  • seed beads create a winter snow scene in this wearable work of art

Aspen Spirits beaded pouch

$275.00 USD


Inspired by Aspen groves this necklace echos the white snow shadowed by the trunks of the trees as the sun shows through the branches.
It is rare to find such a detailed scene in a painting and more so in a beaded work of art. Gracefully long fringe carries the colors through down to the drops of snow that drip from the ends.  Pouch would hold folded money or note. This lovely handcrafted wearable artwork is by Black Hills own artisan, Alexanna.  One of a Kind. Exclusive. 18" necklace, fringe is

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