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Glass Care

Glass care for; Glass Globes, Loy Allen Glass and Incalmo Glass

  • Glass Globes: Care is easy, these are mouth blown with heavy duty glass. These were actually designed to be hung outside- so they are dense and do not break easy. In fact we have dropped a few and they have bounced off of the floor! It was frightening to say the least, but undamaged. 
  • Loy Allen Glass: Loys glass is all mouth blown and and hand sculpted. She has been making glass for quite a few years. If her piece does break on you (Not saying it will), but she will fix and or replace it for free. Which is very lovely. To clean, lightly dust with a cloth.
  • Incalmo Glass: This is a Husband and Wife duo who are master blowers. They have studied in Sweden for two years to learn old techniques and trades. They sometimes carve out spots in the glass to give it a whole new depth and view. Their pieces are heavy duty and do not break as easy, but still fragile. To clean wipe with a cloth.

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