Who We Are!

We are enamored with art, generally immersed in it on a daily basis. Not only visually but physically...when not in the gallery I can be found creating and designing jewelry.  Gathering beads, judging how the colors will work together, and often gazing at the sky or pine forest for inspiration.  Our family grew with art, when we dined out our kids did not bring electronic games, but always asked for markers, colored pencils and notebooks to draw in.  Our family business grew out of our a desire to share and enjoy art.

Did you know, speaking of forests, that just viewing greenery in the outdoors can reset your harried life a bit and relax your mind? 

Isn't it interesting how humans interact with art, even the earliest human created rock art, cave drawings, jewelry.  It's hard wired into our brain.  It's an important part of being human. Loving and longing for beauty in our surroundings can be as simple as adding an painting to the wall or as in depth as re-doing our homes and offices with artist created works.

It's important to us at Dakota Nature & Art to support artists as well, showing works by as many of our local craftspersons and artists. When we need to fill a niche we look until we find just the right person with just the right works for us.  We are picky...because we want you to have the best of what ever you select...jewelry, artisan clothing, orignal paintings or a large bronze.  

We also support the other galleries and upTown boutiques in Hill City and are a member of upTown Hill City.  When ever you see our upTown logo you will know they have met our high standards of quality, uniqueness and service. Visit us in the Heart of the Black Hills, 216 Hill City, SD for Elevated Art, Fashion & Fun


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